オーストラリア留学中に、困った際に役立つ会話をまとめました。 実際に入国(到着)してから学校や銀行などアルバイト先など役立つ英会話を身に着けてください。


入国編 空港にて利用できる英会話

What is your purpose of your visit?

I am here to study English. I have student visa.
To study English. I have student visa. Here is a copy of it.

I came to learn about Australian culture with working holiday visa.

I came to study English for XX weeks with tourist visa. I have my return ticket.

How long are you staying?

I am going to stay here in XX (都市の名前) for XXmonths (期間).

Do you have anything to declare?

No, I don’t.

Yes, I do.  I have XXX, XXX and XXX (食品名).

交通編 電車で利用できる英会話

Where is XX station(駅名)?
How do I get to XX(場所)?

One way ticket to XX please.
Round ticket (Return Ticket)

Could you tell me how to get a ticket to XX?

Where do I need to change trains to go to XX?

Does this train stop at XX?

※日本でいうSuicaの様なプリペイドの交通カード。シドニーではOpal (オパール)Card、メルボルンではMyki(マイキー)Card、ブリスベンではGo Card、パースではSmart Rider(スマートライダー)といいます。
Where can I get XX card?

Where can I charge XX card?

How can I charge XX card?

交通編 バスで利用できる英会話

Where is the bus stop to go to XX?
Where can I catch a bus bound for XX?

Does this bus stop at XX?

Please tell me when we get to XX?

One adult to XX please.


Where can I get XX?
Where do they sell XX?

Can you show (tell) me where I can find XX?
Where do you have XX?

How much is this?

Do you take credit card?


One medium size of cappuccino please?

Can you have these sandwiches warmed up?

For take away please.
To drink/ eat here
Having here

What’s the chief’s recommendation?

Do you have a drink menu?

Do you serve alcohol here?

Do you allow BYO?
Can I bring my own bottles?

May I use toilet (bathroom)?


Can you tell (show) me how to get to XX?

Can you tell (show) me how to get to XX street?

Where is the closest station?

Please tell me where toilet is?


My name is XX. Please call me XX.

Thank you for having me.

I come from XX. XX is famous for XX.

My hobby is XX. Does anyone like XX

What do you usually do on weekends? Can I join?
What do you do on this weekend?

Should I take off my shoes?

I have allergies to XX?

I cannot eat XX.
I don’t like XX.

Please tell me house rules.

Can I use washing machine? Could you tell me how to use it?

Do you have WIFI here? Can I have access to it?
If I have to pay for it, please let me know in advance.

Can you show me how to use bath room?

Is it ok to fill the bathtub with hot water?

How long can I use bath room for a shower?

Can I use kitchen?

Can I use fridge without telling you?

Can I drink tap water?

I’m going to have a dinner with my friends tonight, so I’m not having dinner at home.

Do you set light out time?

When is curfew?

Could you repeat one more time?

Could you speak slowly?

What time should I leave to get to school by XX o’clock?

What time is breakfast/dinner?

Something is wrong with XX.

Thank you very much for your great care.


Do you have WIFI here? Is fee included in rent?

Which items can I use in the kitchen?

Please tell me house rules.

Do you have cleaning shift?

Where is the closest supermarket? How should I get there?


Hello. I’m XX starting General English from today.

Where should I go for the first day orientation?

Where is the classroom for XX?

Where can I get textbooks for XX?

Where do you issue student ID (student card)?
Where should I receive student ID (student card)?


I would like to open a bank account.

Which kind of back account is good for student?

I would like to deposit XX dollars into XX account.


Are you hiring currently?
Are you looking for any new employees?

I brought my resume. Could you pass it to the manager?

I would like to apply for XX position. May I see the person in charge?


I saw the advisement on XX, is this still available?

I’m interested in this property; can I go have a look?

What is included in rent?

Is the utility expense included in the rent?

※ボンドとは日本でいう敷金で、保証金の事です。入居時に支払、問題が無ければ退去時に返却されます。 2週間分などの家が多いです。
How much is bond fee?

How long is the minimums week of staying?

When should I give you a notice for leaving from this place?

How many people are sharing this home?